Personally, I blame the creator of the group. Very undude! He is probably too busy watching the Gilmore Girls.

"Dios Mio, man. Liam and me, we're going to fuck you up."

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Dudes, there is nothingmore sacred than another man's property. you know like guys who disrespect your special place, man. Dudes check out Christopher Hitchens; God is not great. Yeah it's a book you have to read, yeah it's a total whole day thing man but totally worth keeping the major buzz off for a half day. Then see you tube c. hitchens and let me know what is up. When does the Dude not abide?
Alright, discussion time!
Just checking in to see what condition my condition is in. The dude abides and does well doing nothing or as near as possible. Today the condition is good; weather fair and alcohol sit rep is F'ing A. Bowling is out due to bad knee, man. TING there is no god. Think of that as a little bell ringing... TING. Mind altering substances and plenty of time to think and occasionaly read; like my fav drunken genius Hitchens; have given wings to the rug of many thoughts questioning everything I've ever believed in. Atheist dudes unite on one rug; not a prayer one and let no man pee on another's rug, man. Jeez.


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