I just wanted to check in with everyone and see how we are all doing. Living with a religious spouse(especially a fundy)can be pretty taxing. I just wanted to see how everyone was coming along or if any had any tips on how to make it work.


In my situation, my wife and I agree to disagree and we no longer speak about it. So far so good...and as long as we dont talk about it, our relationship is very good.

I've had a few friends try to reconvert me and she just wants them to leave me alone. She believes it will take a divine and personal revelation from god to make me see the light. While I don't beleive this will happen I like her logic. I believe it will take the same for the religious to let go of their deeply held beliefs as well. It will take a mental epiphany to cause them to change thier ways. It seems as though logic and reason do not do the trick in either case.

Here are a couple of youtube videos that deal with this. Also Prof Faust's work can be obtained on  line. Very interesting read.





Hope everyone is well and keep the non faith and keeps their godless ways.

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Doing well, thanks. Like you, I think we've come to an understanding.

Hi L.Hunter, thanks for sending this along. I'm glad to hear some good news about your relationship, because I recall you expressed concerns that the future of it was uncertain not so long ago.

My wife and I are still in the rough, but Christianity is only one of several reasons for that (isn't marriage difficult enough even before you go throwing religious differences in the middle of it!?)

Anyway we've been talking regularly on our own and we'll be talking even more in marriage counseling in the coming weeks...


btw, I enjoyed the links you posted. Sometimes my wife reads our five year old daughter Bible stories. They talk about Jesus. My wife teaches her Christianity. She should be able to talk freely about her beliefs, but sometimes I still feel angry hearing it.

For me that's where this scientific / psychological understanding of religion comes in. It helps me feel less angry at my wife personally. And of course remembering I was once on the Christian side of the fence helps too!


Well, cheers & keep in touch


Round Peg

well, since you asked...


Like round peg my wife and I have issues aside from religion that we are working on but....


Recently she had a couple deaths in the family (elderly folks, nobody was caught off guard) which I assumed would drive a wedge between us as my opinion on the afterlife is like salt in a wound for a believer. I didn't say much on the matter, just tried to be as supportive and unobtrusive as I could. Nearly a week passed by and she was talking to me about it in the car. She told me that she didn't think her grandmother was in a better place and that she is just dead. She said it so nonchalantly like it was no great revelation. Imagine my surprise. She has always seemed more attached to the label of "Christian" than any particular set of beliefs, she is very liberal concerning homosexuality for instance, but I didn't expect this. I am just trying to play it cool but I had to ask her to clarify later that day. She seemed to confirm her lack of a belief in an afterlife but I didn't want to press her.


She has had at least one crisis of faith in the past but I never really know where she stands. I am pretty sure she is afraid to face what her beliefs actually are. She was kinda raised pentecostal but she definitely isn't pentecostal now.


This is blowing my mind

I have often wondered if pp actually and REALLY believe this stuff. My grandmother used to say "u are longer dead than you are alive" . This was coming from a life long Baptist. I used to wonder if she REAlly believed in heaven and hell. When ppl get sick and call for prayer, why do they go to the hospital if they REALLY believed god is a healer? I wonder if some truly believe it, or is church or religion just a social crutch.


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