Did anybody the article in the London Free Press today (Feb 09) about the anti-fluoride activists coming to town next month?  Not a Atheist topic but potentially one for London's Skeptics in the pub group.  I haven't been able to make any meet ups but would be interested in hearing people's thoughts.  Personally I consider it baseless fear mongering and point to the anti-fluoride activists statement that local health leaders are "hired to protect fluoride" as evidence.  However I must admit to not be on expert on the issue.  





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Hey Rob.  Late reply, I know.  I actually ended up going to the 'talk' on March 2nd.  It was a real spectacle.  I'm no expert either, but the few arguments I did take away from the event and investigate turned out to be bunk.  For instance, he mentioned that the FDA has never approved the fluoridation of water.  What he forgot to add was that they couldn't approve it even if they wanted to; it's outside their jurisdiction.  That's the sort of tactics we're dealing with.  If you didn't attend, the audience was big and overwhelmingly in favour of what this guy had to say.  He received a standing ovation at the end.  Like you said, it's not an Atheist topic, but interesting and frustrating nonetheless.  I have a feeling that unless cooler heads prevail London will be the next city to have its fluoride removed.




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