Hi guys, I know that not all atheists are skeptics and vice versa, but I found this new meetup group called London Skeptics in the Pub and thought there might be some interest here.  I went out for the first meetup last night.  It was a small group, but the discussions were interesting and refreshing.  If your situation is anything like mine, face-to-face conversations about atheism/skepticism/humanism are pretty rare.  The plan is to meet once a month.

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I have heard of these Skeptics in the Pub meetups, but never actually looked into it. What is it all about, and have you gone to one of these meetups yet?
I went to the very first meet up for this group last week. I usually don't get to talk about skepticism or atheism, but I am interested in them and I think that discussing things can help increase one's knowledge in general. As I mentioned, it was a small group for the first outing, but there are 11 members (including yourself) so I think we can continue to get some really good discussions going.

I am interested in getting together with people. Please contact me if there is a meet-up kathylewis@rogers.com. Thanks.

Here's the Facebook page: 


There's a meeting tomorrow evening.

The meetup page was discontinued to save money.

Hi Jason

Can you tell me where and what time? Thanks.




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