This is another awesome guest post from Nick Laborde over at, where he writes about personal development in a fun and not so serious way.

Yes, Introverts Do ROCK!

Introverts are not creepy loners who need to be pulled out of their shell. They are thoughtful, creative, intelligent, interesting people who are comfortable in their own skin. They are happy with themselves and there are many reasons why, introverts DO ROCK!

1. An introvert is often a very gifted and their time alone only enhances the gifts and talents they were given. Being an introvert does not mean they are shy. Although the dictionary may say that “introverted” and “shy” are synonymous, they are not. Someone who is shy is frightened or bashful or wary of others. Someone who is introverted is not necessarily reluctant to spend time with others – they just PREFER to spend time alone.

2. Introverts waste little time with gossip, menial tasks and duties, or the minutiae of everyday life. They have bigger fish to fry. An introvert in an office setting will not be the one stirring the gossip pot in the lunch room – they will be the one working. The introvert may not be the most social person on the work “team”, but they will most certainly be the most thoughtful and consistently hard-working.

3. Friendship with an introvert is an honor. Two introverts who become friends is a relationship that will last forever. Many people see introverts as loners or anti-social, but this is rarely the case. Introverts do generally have fewer friends than most people, but their friendships are deeper, and long lasting.

4. An introvert is far less likely than most people to partake in drugs, alcohol, violence, or crime. Serial killers or a drug abusers or any kind of vicious criminal – these are not introverts. These are anti-social psychos- or sociopaths. Introverts prefer activities that are creative, quiet, and imaginative and because of their limited social interaction, they have no need to pick a fight!

5. Some of the most talented, most important people in the world today are self-confessed
Introverts. From a man who changed the world like Martin Luther King, Jr., to a man who has made us laugh for three decades, Steve Martin, the world is full of introverts who have made vast contributions to our world. John F. Kennedy, Jr., Bill Gates, Charles Darwin are examples of people who spent significant time alone. These introverts ROCKED the world (cue song “we will rock you”-Queen), and so can you.

These are just a few (of many) rockin characteristics that set introverts apart.

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