How Introverts Can Make It in an Extraverted World

New research shows how introverts can learn to become happier with themselves.

The other component of the introversion-happiness relationship, Lawn and his coauthors propose, is the quality of “authenticity.” If introverts are forced to don the outward appearance of extraverts due to social pressure to be outgoing, they will lack a sense of authenticity. In other words, if you have to appear to be bubbly and talkative when you’d rather sit quietly or listen to other people, your satisfaction with yourself will dip because you feel like you’re being a fake.

People feel much better about themselves, according to this longstanding wisdom, if they believe they can stay true to their own inner guideposts.

By recognizing that not everyone can be an extravert, and that it’s fine to be their authentic, quiet selves, they can indeed flourish and achieve long-term fulfillment.

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