INTJs - Hardcore Introverts

This is an awesome guest post by Dokter Waldijk. You can learn more about him in the author bio below.

With my tongue firmly placed in the corner of my cheek, I’m tempted to claim that INTJs are the hardcore introverts – misunderstood and a bit rebellious if you will. Without ill intent to be rude, it’s just how they are.

Funnily enough, they are also the introverts that might get mostly in trouble, as they are often seen as arrogant. Yet an extrovert that talks your ears off is seen as very talkative and social – in other words, according to society, normal.

I would dare to say that INTJs kind of act as defenders of introverts. Not because they are considered the most introverted of introverts, according to Meyer-Briggs test, but because of their lack of attention to what people think of them – they are therefore more likely to speak up.

To use an example most of us might know, Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’; although fictional, he has some typical traits which will fit with the INTJ type. Most importantly, that he is somewhat oblivious to what others think of him. Without the ill intent of being rude – he’s just being honest from his point-of-view, not for the sake of being offensive.

This is something I as an INTJ can relate to; to be so honest it turns people away from me. I don’t mean to offend; I just think being honest is more important than lying to someone for the sake of not hurting their feelings.

Why should we feel bad for being honest – as long it is factual and not meant to be hurtful.

Of course, I sometimes try to be aware of what I say; but end of the day, it’s as impossible to change me, the same way trying to make an extrovert talk less or be less social. It’s not realistic, nor is it something we should aspire to, to mould people in our own desired shape.

Which is why maybe these extremes serves a purpose. Introverts are known to be the silent winners; winners often not taken as serious because of favouring brevity over verbosity. So they need INTJs which dare to speak up bluntly, not really caring that much about if it’s offensive – as long it’s the truth.

With that said, I’m not condoning deliberate rude or offensive behaviour. Don’t tell someone they need to shut-up for the sake of being mean or trying to assert your dominance; but more to speak up if the kind, diplomatic approach has failed you.

Kind of when you have politely told someone to be quiet nine times – so the tenth time you tell them it’s time they shut-up, because you can’t stand their selfish behaviour anymore. Or if they for the nth time claims that introverts are shy and needs help to be “normalised”.

Because it is kind of funny, that when introverts stand up for themselves, they are often criticised for being selfish. But when extroverts bang their chest about how great they are because they can talk till the sun goes down, that is for some reason acceptable.

That is however my point-of-view regarding introversion and INTJs. What is yours? Do you think INTJs “hardcore” introversion serves the purpose I argued?

Dokter Waldijk has always stood up for who he is — an INTJ. The Doc started blogging in 2004, but decided to up the ante by becoming a freelance journalist in 2010. His biggest influence is Hunter S. Thompson, the father of Gonzo journalism. Most of what he writes is based on his own experiences and observations; and he prefers to season his stories with facts, rather than blind assumptions.

Twitter: @DokterW

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