I haven't told anyone this I don't think except one person, and she knows who she is. None here knows it either. I just sort of need to vent. If anyone here has read any of my blogs or anything else I've written on AN, then they may know that I'm not awfully stupid. But what only one person on AN knows is that I am mentally ill, and that I'm mostly okay while I'm on my psychiatric medication. The only thing is, that none of the medicines I've been on in 35 years have really helped that much. I've been seeing my current psychologist for a little over 20 years, and nothing he has told me in those 20 years has done much at all as psychiatric counselling. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he is a Baptist Christian. I'm hopelessly looking for any atheist mental health in my area. Probably are none, this is super red Tennessee. My diagnosis is paranoid and schizotypal personality disorders, psychotic disorder not otherwise specified, and major clinical depression. And without my medications I have, in the past, been known to become psychotically paranoid and enraged because of my lot in life. My certain friend knows what my life has been like, because I told her, and she is very sympathetic, for which I am thankful (to her, not God).

About 4 months ago, while treating a primary care problem, they unintentionally found a medication that helped my psychiatric symptoms better than any medication I've been on in 35 years of going there. But they eventually took me back off of it, and when I protested it as only a person with a psychosis can, I was later informed that all of my psychiatric medications have been cut off. The antipsychotic, the antipressant, the antianxiety, the new mood stabilizer. Now I guess I'm pretty much screwed. Ever seen a full blown psychotic episode in action ?

I haven't the foggiest idea what's going to happen now. I and my family who still lives know how I can be when I'm having a psychotic episode, and without meds it will probably be a permanent psychotic state. Sorry to lay all this on all of you.

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Well is there another doctor you can go to and get the medications prescribed again?

I am here for you and my thoughts are with you.

Anthony, I am so sorry to learn of your illness and the loss of your medications. Is that part of this "austerity" fiasco?

I don't know what you might be able to do to restore your needed medication. This is what I would do if you were in my care. You need to start looking for resources and keep looking until you find the help you need. If you stop your medication, someone else will need to represent you:

*Talk with your SSI counselor.
*Check with your physician and medical team.
*Get in touch with your county mental health dept.
*Contact medical or law schools, community colleges, state college or university.
*Call your state Senator's office.
*Ask family or friends who belong to service organizations and ask them for ideas.
*Contact a Unitarian Universalist church; they have a very active social service program and they are not based on a belief in a deity.
*If your municipal police force is community oriented, they may know of resources.

I have been out of the profession for more than 10 years. Friends are still in the profession and know services currently available here. I will ask them for ideas.

If you are able, you have an excellent story to share and have a voice to let others know the current political and economic condition and how it impacts people who need assistance. We have to change what is happening; it is the stories such as yours that will make a difference.

if you were in my care I would work with your family. If they are healthy enough they can learn how to work with you and with the different agencies to get needed care for you.

I encourage you to join or start a support group and encourage others who share your situation to become active with others . Join with others to be an activist for health care reform. The only way to protect yourself is if everyone has protection when faced with the similar circumstance as you. Most people have not been involved with mental illness and don't understand the serious needs.

It sounds as though you are functional when on your medication. That is the problem, you need your medication for you to live a healthy, productive life. Supervision is necessary when you don't have your meds, Being able to get your meds is the issue. When you have them you function well,

Thank you for sharing with us. I, and others want to be on your team and work with you to get your needs met. We pull for you and with you.

Yesterday the person at the clinic I go to called me to tell me they were mistaken, that I wasn't losing all my meds, just one. But it just so happens that it makes no difference, because the one I'm losing is the only one in 35 years of going to that clinic that even touched my mental illness. So, if I caused any uproars, I apologize. I live in Tennessee, in East TN. The reddest, most conservative Christian part of TN. Everyone working at the clinic are Christians, and I believe that their religious backgrounds and beliefs color how they treat me as a patient. I've been doing some research on finding atheistic mental health care, but, no dice. Not where I'm located. I hate living here.

How very fortunate that you didn't lose all your meds, just one. That one worked for you. Well, you have to have that or its equivalent, so if I were you, I would start looking for help from any and all sources you can possibly access. There has to be some person or service that can see that you get what you need. 

A community doesn't need to have any citizen deprived of medication. You don't give up. If the Christians in your community can't understand what happens to people when they can't get meds, then I would hate the place too. It is people to base their beliefs on dogma that is the problem. Not all religious are like that, but if they are, they are barbaric. 

You might try to contact an atheist mental health professional on Atheist Nexus or one of the other atheist groups who could help you find resources. It is worth a try. 

Can you tell me things about East TN that you do like? By shifting focus to a positive frame may help you feel less powerless. It won't change the reality of your feelings, but it may change what you look for and see. Sometimes that is a strategy that helps confront an unhappy situation. 

Some people are helped with schizophrenia/ bipolar/depressive/panic attacks/learning disabilities and a number of other neuropsychiatric disorders like epilepsy, neuropathy, ataxia, by a gluten/dairy free diet. 

Gluten can affect the nervous system including the brain, and anyone with a neuropsychiatric problem would do well to check for a gluten connection.  Eliminating dairy along with gluten may also help because gluten cross-reacts with casein, a milk protein. 

The research on such things is in its infancy, mostly some people with these problems have higher levels of antibodies to gluten in their blood. 

One way to get an idea whether you might be helped would be to get blood tests for IgA and IgG antigliadin antibodies. At least, that's the screen that was used for gluten-sensitive schizophrenia in one study

A gluten/dairy free diet would need to be tried for a few months to find out if it helps. 

Possibly other food allergies can contribute.  In one study, a hypoallergenic elimination diet followed by food challenges to identify food that were causing problems, helped children with ADHD. 

If gluten sensitivity is contributing to your problems, it's much better to get rid of the gluten, especially since it can cause many different problems in the body. 

Below I have pasted a link to a web site that might help you locate a secular therapist.





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