I have fairly recently pin-pointed subjectivity to why I am a loner and have a private introverted side. In fact being more out-going is something I had to learn. I think everyone in this group understands shyness; we are not all rebels. Although as a product of my own private tunneling I intuitively ( not necessarily from reading) worked out a lot of stuff on my own. I have a wacky side that thank God is private where I scribble things that no doubt would get me locked up. But I treat that as my right-brain doing its jazz thing than coherant musical thing. It's not set in concrete and I will whittle away until it sounds sound. Then it usually is. I realise an atheist mind deals far more directly with inner self than sublimation in God and religion. Although I have noticed some theists using the word God for inner-self potential which illustrates how any word is a symbol regarding ts meaning in the details particularly intuitive ones. For example man creates God. But mankind has or tries to have an overall sense or cognitively so for the soul of mankind and then the term Over-soul of the transcendentalists over-laps with God by assumption or insinuation.

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Shyness is often confused with being a loner and Introvert - it is not exactly the same thing.

I have a discussion on the myths of Introverts.



Myth #2: Introverts Are Shy

While some introverts may be shy, shyness and introversion are not synonyms. While both shy people and introverts may shun many social situations and activities, they do it for different reasons. A shy person does so out of fear and apprehension. Introverts do so simply because they have no interest in certain activities and types of social interactions -- they find them not exactly scary, but merely boring, meaningless or thoroughly exhausting.

I am not shy.

Yeah you sound like me Michele. Thanks for being here.

A lot of people don't understand us.

And yes, I am socially awkward. Yeah I spend most my time alone too. I prefer it.


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