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The Life of a Loner [Paperback]
Leonard McKey (Author)



The Life of a Loner has always been the life I lived since I never had any close friends I hardly ever even go to a Restaurant to eat, I usually go get something and come back to my Apartment and eat where I can eat in peace and write my books, I do go out once in a while but I always take my Computers with me just in case an idea comes to mind I can put it down before I forget it, I live the life of a loner and I guess I will die a loner, with no friends or family it is a very lonely life but I will live through it all being a loner and writing my books which I hope helps someone as it has helped me.

About the Author
I love living alone because it gives me time to write my books on whatever subject, I like making friends and meeting new people but since I found that most don't I do not push myself on anyone, I always think if a person wants to be friends is fine but if not it's their loss that is why I stay in my Apartment so much because most people not all but most don't care about anything or anyone but themselves.

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"most people not all but most don't care about anything or anyone but themselves" .. I have found this to be true .. sad ... but true

In this case I have found having no friends is preferable.

Real life that is .... I have wonderful Nexus friends!


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