Society's Perception of Introverts

But introversion tends not to play well in our mostly social, fast-paced, extroverted American world. Indeed, says Marti Olsen Laney, author of The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World and producer of its companion Web site, introverts "are often misunderstood, because our culture overvalues extroverted skills like acting and speaking quickly."

Thus, it's common for workplace introverts to be saddled with negative descriptions like:

  • Antisocial, loner, shy, not a team player. 
  • Inattentive, passive-aggressive, withholds information.  
  • Slow, unproductive, lacking ability.  
  • Unenthusiastic.  

Well, guess what, American workers: There's nothing wrong with us introverts. We're just different from the extroverts of the world. In fact, every negative label that's typically assigned to introverts has a positive opposite that's closer to the truth:

  • We tend to take the phrase "lunch on your own" literally. But we use that time to think of creative solutions to problems, develop plans for new initiatives and nail down the pesky details that could blow a big deal apart if ignored.  
  • Sure, we may not have ideas to share until after a meeting is over, but those ideas will invariably be well-thought-out and thorough. If they weren't, we wouldn't bother sharing them in the first place.  
  • OK, we're sometimes guilty of appearing inattentive and passive. But it's an illusion. "Since you can't see what's going on in the mind of an introvert, many people assume nothing is going on," says Pamela Braun, a Champlin, Minnesota-based career counselor and -- let the record show -- my business partner and copresenter in our seminars on the career issues of introverts. "Wrong! The introvert, processing internally, often has as much going on inside as the extrovert is demonstrating on the outside." 

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I'd recommend 'quiet' written by Susan Cain to anyone who doesn't agree Steph.




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