I have unfortunately had the response of "I can help fix you" ... which after that I no longer want to be friends with that person. Here is a good blog about telling others about being an Introvert.

Telling others you are an introvert is often more difficult than it sounds. Despite the recent surge in books, websites and articles about this topic, many people still have no clue what introversion is.  Or worse, they have bought into unflattering introvert stereotypes.

Many misguided souls still believe that all introverts are shy, antisocial weirdos who don’t know how to interact with other humans.  So. Not. True.

The fact that there is such widespread ignorance about introversion makes the task of telling others we are introverted more intimidating.  Despite this, I remain a strong advocate for spreading the word about introversion.

I regularly tell people I’m an introvert either in conversation or by directing them to this blog.   Reactions have ranged from, “oh, cool” to “a whosa-whatsa-vert?” to “maybe I can help fix you”.

Read the rest at the link below: http://introvertspring.com/why-you-should-tell-people-you-are-an-in...

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16 Outrageously Successful Introverts

Some adults say the dumbest things!  “maybe I can help fix you” reveals ignorance. 

Oh I agree Joan

the problem is there's just a lot of negativity in the word for them and they automatically start assuming things about you. they say things like ; well your not really an introvert you need to expand your circle or Why are you so serious? - well I'm not , I in fact i'm in with love Comedy and satire - I just don't yell it and I don't hate discussions I just like deep thoughts that lead somewhere so no chit chat plz 

they heard somethings or knew someone and they use them as a standard model of an introvert to compare others to them and that makes is really unjust the problem is not that I don't want to tell them its that they say stupid things ; like crazy stupid things however it would be nice to tell other that you're an introvert so they can know you better .for example my friends use to tell me things like : we called you but you didn't pick up the phone or why do you hate coming out so much ??!! (WTF?!!) but after we a brief talk things changed so I think people should say that it reduces misjudgments, helps other to understand you and respect you as you are . 

I hate how I have to justify myself for almost anyone that while I enjoy parties or public speaking , I need alone time to recharge, it doesn't mean that I am an extrovert ...just enough with using a single stupid sample to judge every other person

Thank you for your reply Martin. Yes, unfortunately people don't understand us.

I never thought of myself as an introvert - but I do prefer one on one meetings, or very small ones. However, I am a good public speaker and have held many speeches at busy conventions.

I love alone time, chose work that allows me to stay home and work online, dislike visitors who arrive unannounced and spend as much time alone as I can. I never get bored or lonely - that is something people don't seem to understand. Anyway, reading here, I think I am definitely an introvert.

I think I've mentioned before one one of these introvert discussions, that when I was a mormon, several mormons indicated I needed fixing because I was an introvert, or because I was shy.  

I realize that introverts are not necessarily shy, but I'm an introvert, and have also been shy most of my life.  Quite a few people have told me to just say no to shyness.  Is shyness a negative that needs to be fixed?  My first thought is no.

Whatever the answer to shyness is, one of the many problems with mormonism, is they try to make everyone fit the same mold.  They try to force you to be a teacher, a public speaker, and a proselytizer, no matter how uncomfortable you are in those roles, or how bad you suck at any of those roles.

No, you do not need to be fixed. I often get people telling me the same thing - they do not understand Introversion. They are just ignorant.

Well, here is the thing. I am not really shy. I am well traveled, my work exposed me to many different kinds of people, and I am quite confident that I can handle myself in most situations. I just prefer to be alone and require lots of alone time. My husband was exactly the same, and that is likely why we got along so well. I would go to conventions, hold successful speeches and instead of taking up on the invitations to parties I would spend the evening in my hotel room with room service, or go to a one on one dinner with a client. It's like I need to recover from all that interaction. My friends keep telling me I need to get out more - I do get out, I just prefer walking my dogs in nature to attending a barbeque with a lot of people. People don't scare me in the least, I just love being by myself. As I get older, it gets to be even more so.

I agree with you Bertold.

I agree too.




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