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Invading your local cinema next winter is a new work of evil The Hobbit. The Hobbit follows on from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and seemingly has brought everyone back to "Middle Earth" from the dead. Peter Jackson has once again stepped up as Satan's Little Helper to direct the two-part film and is once again using witchcraft and wizardry to peddle the film, even though the books had strong Christian undertones (good vs evil; Christians vs Atheists) but Jackson being the self-proclaimed Atheist he is obviously doesn't want to present this movie in the way it was meant by Tolkien. Let's vote with our wallets and send a big message to Hollywood and Jackson; Christians will NOT tolerate this blatant Anti-Christian bigotry and Atheist propaganda. Our children's minds are filled with enough poison these days from the media without us as parents actively doing the same while filling liberal fat cats' coffers.

Can you believe this?

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It just goes to show you how paranoid and bigoted some Xian groups are. I could find nothing in the media implying that Jackson is an atheist and is promoting an atheistic agenda. In 2007 Jackson helped save a historic chapel from demolition, which doesn't sound to me like the work of an atheist.


To date, Jackson has donated NZ$500,000 to stem cell research. If that's the work of Satan, Jackson is one devil for whom I have a lot of admiration.


Lord of the Rings, indeed, was about good vs. evil, but had nothing in the way of Xian overtones. Tolkien deliberately saw to that. This subject is covered is another one of this group's discussions, so there's no need to go into it in detail here.


I'm presently re-reading The Hobbit in preparation for seeing the film, as I've forgotten most of it since I first read the novel in the early 1970's. Although I'm now about three-quarters through it, I've yet to come across anything that could be construed as a Xian message. Clearly, Christians for a Moral America have surpassed even Tolkien in the creation of fantasy.


Let these Xian bigots boycott the film all they want. That is, after all, their constitutional (not God-given) right. I predict, however, that the general public will come out in droves to see The Hobbit, resulting not only in huge profits for the film's producers, but also in record sales for the book itself. Christians for a Moral America will be relegated to a tiny world of obscurity where they can wallow in self-righteous indignation and suck on their sour grapes.

Yeah - I agree. Let the Xtian bigots boycott the movie -- their loss.

Good.  Less of them in the theatre.  I'd rather be watching The Hobbit in a cinema loaded with fellow Rational Humanists :)

What can you do with such nonsense but laugh at it?  At any rate, it's their loss 'cause this film looks like it will be amazing.

Ages ago I think there were christian groups criticizing LOTR for similar reasons.  The language in the press release is pretty offensive - christians co-opting the growing understanding that bullying is wrong, by claiming that anything they don't like is bullying.  It just goes to show these people are aggressive, small minded assholes.  It's also kind of bulllshit to claim that the LOTR books had strong christian undertones - more like strong pre-christian undertones, making a new legend from pagan legends and imagery.

Right -- agreed!

More popcorn for us, then. 

Now that the first installment of The Hobbit is being shown in local theaters, has anyone heard anything more about the movie being boycotted or picketed by right-wing Christians?

But, it is perfectly acceptable for Christians to push their agendas on us through media and movies. The endless double standard. 

Interestingly, this call for a boycott has apparently drawn little or no attention from the general public. Even though I always attend matinees, the Hobbit films that I've seen have been well-attended, thus far. I'm looking forward to the release of the third installment in December. I find the accusation that The Hobbit is atheist propaganda to be utterly laughable. I wonder if any of these right-wing nut cases have actually seen the films.

I never noticed anything in Tolkien's books about Christian vs atheist conflict.


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