A short while ago I started a discussion on a Christian devotional book titled Walking with Frodo by Sarah Arthur. As many of you observed, why can't religious devotees just stick with the bible and other books that are really about religion?


Now the Christian invasion of Middle Earth continues with Walking with Bilbo by the same author. I find it interesting that she seeks to use these books books by Tolkien as allegorical material, while certain Christian fundamentalists won't allow their children to read them because they contain references to mythical creatures, non-Christian supernatural beings, black magic and a pagan god (Erú Ilúvatar).


Read the product description and reviews on Amazon. Please leave comments there as well as here.




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Oh .. another one of those books. AGHH

I'd argue that the various books by Tolkien are just as fictional/factual as the bible, and certainly morally superior. If she wants to draw parallels with Tolkien, I say let her do her thing, maybe it will make her a better person than one who sticks religiously to the bible (pun intended).

I won't be reading either of her books.

Perhaps her next book will draw on the linguistic and stylistic similarities between Leviticus, Numbers et al and "The Cat In The Hat"...

edit: if her books become popular in any way, I wonder how far into the future the xtian bible and teachings will refer to Tolkien's work in all seriousness?


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