(with the FULL lyric ;-) and in FULL length

sung by Liv Tyler. with lyric.
(From the Complete Recordings-The Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King; The Houses of Healing)
There are a lot of recorded versions on youtube; mine is the original from the CD :-)

The music is played in the scene when Aragorn heals Éowyn. (you can see it in the Special Extended Edition) And the song is not contained in the normal version of the soundtrack, just in Complete Recordings.

watch the clip here:

Chorus: (Sindarin, it's the same lyric as in "The Grace of the Valar" of the TTT Soundtrack)

immen dúath caeda
Shadow lies between us

Sui tollech, gwanna(thach)omen
as you came, so you shall leave from us

Boe naid bain gwannathar,
All things must pass away,

Boe cuil ban firitha.ban firitha
All life is doomed to fade...

Solo, sung by Liv Tyler.

With a sigh you turn away
with a deepening heart
no more words to say
You will find that the world has changed forever.
And the trees are now turning from green to gold
And the sun is now fading
I wish I could hold you closer.

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I think you would like this Gwaithmir. So I put the video here for you.

Thanks, Steph. That song is beautiful, as are the images of Arwen.




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