The book of Julian Jaynes the origin of consciousness in the breakdown of a bicameral mind

Did any one read the book of Julian Jaynes the origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind? I want to find peoples to talk about that book. Best description of the growth of the last 5 thousand years of the evolution of the consciousness. Please contact me.

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I did read that book when it first came out.  I was in college then, and someone I knew mentioned it to me. 

There are different ideas about the evolution of consciousness.  One idea is that we evolved to have a model of another person's mind, and being aware of our own mind is how we model someone else's mind. 

I don't know whether the ideas in that Bicameral Mind book, are considered to be good ideas by scientists who study the evolution of consciousness.  I don't think someone who has their corpus callosum cut - separating brain hemispheres - loses self-awareness. 

Mr. Jaynes try to explain the evolution of first peoples living together and grows from there. The book does not talk about the structure of the brain but is growth has a person in society. When he use the term bicameral mind is to explain the interaction in the brain during stress. I know the bicameral is the two chambers, especially an abscess divided by a septum. But the journey of is book is fascinating to me. Thank you for your respond The book was produce in the 1970.




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