Your thoughts? I'm definitely a little weary.

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Isn't this the bill that "Swindle" Jindel just passed into law?

It pisses me off royally being I have a child in grade school!
Rumor has it that McCain is eyeing Jindal as a running mate. Jindal may veto the bill so as not to estrange the moderate Republicans.
Jindal MUST know that signing this bill takes him off the table. Maybe he already knows something - I can't imagine any politico purposely taking himself out of a vice-presidential opportunity. I can think of a scarier ticket (if I try real hard), but the fact that this is actually a possibility is scary enough.
I imagine there are perhaps a few voters who wish they could have that vote back and push the button next to Mitch Landrieu's name. I didn't think it would take too long before he (Jindal) did something like this. It's bad for Louisiana and it's bad for the United States. And speaking of Landrieus, I've been waiting a long time for Mary to become a household name - it'll happen within the next 10 years.
I have mixed feelings on Jindal, overall. At first I thought he might, MIGHT be the first decent governor we've had in years (btw, I didn't vote for him), but lately he's just showing what little backbone he has. Just another puppet. Shame.
I harbored some hope as well. Certainly, the man has extraordinary financial skills - Louisiana could use that. I know he's a very busy guy, so it's shameful that he even took the time to consider this bill...
Yeah, Nagin had some extraordinary financial skills as well... but, yeah... ummm...
Yeah, and I actually voted for him...
I voted for Nagin the first time around. The second time I learned from my mistake. I'm now running for Mayor in 2010, seriously.
Beautiful! I have to believe we'll be back there (physically) by then.




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