I was just wondering if any of ya'll are Saints fans. Things are starting to ramp up - practices begin, the Shockey acquisition, Colston's contract extension, etc. I don't expect any of ya'll to be as fanatic as I am, but just maybe...

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Not a fanatic- far more partial to the Hornets far as NOLA teams go- but definitely invested. Going to make a few games this year, probably picking up a Colston jersey this weekend (someone accidentally tore my Fujita jersey last season...I'm still bitter).

I'm not crazy about Shockey, but think he's a good addition all the same.

You flying down for a game, by chance?
I think Shockey's aggression/flare-ups/etc. were probably a result of playing for a team that has been plagued by locker room issues and coaching conflicts. I hope so, anyway. I think he'll make Bush a better player.
The Hornets were the only post-Katrina New Orleanians that Oklahomans were happy to have here. I love that they have surprised everyone. We're not big NBA fans - more college ball as far as the hoops go.
Sorry about the Fujita jersey - I haven't checked lately, but hopefully his contract was either extended or padded with some bonus $. He very un-assumedly gets the job done.
Flying down for a game would be fantastic. We've promised our kid every Mardi Gras 'til we get home for good, as well as in-between trips when we can. Obviously, we don't have to pay for a place to stay, but lately it's rather expensive to even get there, so we don't know when we'll be able to make it next. The Kansas City game (in K.C.) is Nov.16th and it's only 4 hours away (as opposed to 11 hours of gas and time), so we're hoping to catch that one at least.
As far as jerseys go, my Horn jersey has been retired, so now I'm wearing a McAllister jersey. My husband is great on E-Bay, so he manages to get those really great jerseys (with stitched-on letters/numbers) for around $20. He just seems to have that magic touch.




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