The future hubby and I are currently planning our wedding. (Way far in advance, as we are poor folk!) Anyway, as we won't be having a church wedding - for obvious reasons - can anyone recommend someone to marry us? Thus far I am hitting religious roadblocks. We are having a ceremony and a reception, most likely in New Orleans, and want a celebration, not just a quick trip to the courthouse. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Cant you hire a justice of the peace to preform the ceremony?
You can get a friend or family member "ordained" as a JP to marry you. Ask at town hall, where you get your marriage license, what the procedure is.
Two of my friends are having a godless wedding next month. I'll update you on how it all works out.
Thanks Randall - I look forward to it!
My friends' wedding went very well. Everyone appreciated the personal touch of having an officiant who was truly close to the couple.

If you have a friend who would be willing and able to officiate, I would recommend that path.

I'm ordained by the Universal Life Church, but there are other options out there.

The wedding I performed was in Georgia, which makes things very easy for the officiant. I didn't have to register with any government body or anything like that. I just performed the ceremony, filled out the officiant section of the marriage license (listing my title as "Minister"), and returned it to the proper agency.

Louisiana makes it a little harder. The minister has to preregister with the parish clerk of court (or, in New Orleans, the health department). I do not know yet if any documentation substantiating one's status as a minister is required. If so, the Universal Life Church will provide that documentation for free.

I'm going to go through that preregistration process, to see what's involved and just in case I need to perform a wedding in Louisiana someday. I will report back on what is involved.

You can read more about marriage laws at the Universal Life Church's website.




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