I got my new license plate today.

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There are lots of good ones left:

You can get yours here.
Whoa, very very cool. Plus there are plenty of other good plates left! How much was it for the personalized plates?
For a personalized plate you pay the regular registration fee for a normal plate ($20 for two years) plus an additional $50 (again, that covers two years). There's also a one-time charge of $11.50 in handling fees, etc.

However, if you are replacing a current plate, you do get credit for the unused portion of that plate's registration. I still had a few months left on my old registration sticker, so my total for the personalized plate was about $75.

In short, I'm paying an extra $25 a year and also a one-time fee of $11.50. That doesn't seem like too much, considering how much the plate beautifies my car.

I requested the plate and sent in the fee in late August and got the plate in late October.

I got the idea from Doug Stewart's article in the NOSHA newsletter (scroll down to page 3). Doug's plate says GODLESS. He's bolder than I am.
I TOTALLY want WWFSMD, ha ha!!
I LOVE IT!!!! :)


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