Because a musical CD contained profanity while labeled by both pictures and words as being for children Wal-Mart has refused to continue to sell it. Thank goodness.

Per the article:

"The CD cover shows four smiling young children surrounded by balloons looking up at the camera. On the back it reads: "Your kids will love these versions of today's biggest hits, reinterpreted especially for them."...

"Wilson said she assumed the children pictured on the CD would be singing, but the voices on the recording belong to adults. At least two of the songs contain profanities and others aren't suitable for children, she said...just the way they referred to women..."

Atheists need to be on the good side of the Wal-Mart decision in oder to not accommodate the desires of many theists to stigmatize us as malign decadent degenerated sociopaths.

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I disagree that we need to be on the "good" side of the Wal-mart decision.  Personally, I do not have a problem with children hearing profanities.  The rule in our house is that it is fine to use profanity, so long as it is done in a gramatically correct way.  I ask that my children refrain from using profanity in front of others who might find its use problematic.

As to the way that women are referred to, it is a great opportunity to talk about sexism.

I guess if one wants to characterize me as a decadent degenerated sociopath, one had better have something better than this to back it up. 


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