I must go back to the narrative at some point- but I feel Shakespeare is telling us if you find your soul mate, don't get caught up in the drama of those who have no sensibilities for the grand experience of life with your soulmate. For me this is Romeo & Juliette in a nutshell.

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Yes, perhaps so. Never thought of it that way.
Are you saying that love is enough? Romeo and Juliet could have said "fuck 'em!"? No man is an island, neither is a couple. Should they have run away? That didn't help The Duchess of Malfi. No, if the drama's called a tragedy then someone's gonna die. There are those that contend that the Elizabethan audience would have seen it all coming. Silly children should do what parents say and not bother about this "love" nonsense. That kind if thing. Sometimes the play is where you get out what you bring. Perhaps we still like The Bard because we can do that. He doesn't date in the same way as the others.
(What are these "Asian girls for love and marriage" doing on my screen?)




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