Hi folks, 


This is the third time I've tried to start a Spiral Scouts troop for my child. They say "three's a charm" but they say a lot of silly things, don't they? What is Spiral Scouts? I'm glad you asked - it's a co-ed non-denominational form of scouting developed by the Church of all Worlds. I want to run a totally secular troop, naturally. 


Anyway, I'm putting out an open call again, for adult assistance, and for interested parents to get in touch. I am willing to be one leader, ideally we need a male co-leader. We can meet for free in a meeting room in the Madison Public Library Hawthorne Branch, once a month, that's a good start. (That's the branch nearest my house, which makes it easy for me - a serious concern since at the moment it's just me!) 


We could really use a Sponsor - that is a local organization that is willing to help out with donations of money, meeting space, assistance, and materials. You don't have to offer ALL of those things to be a Sponsor, just one or two would be great. Are any of you active college folks with an active local atheist group willing to get your group involved in helping parents and kids? We'd love to have you as a Sponsor - it's a great community outreach kind of activity, and maybe a nice break from debating other grown-ups - we don't plan to focus on atheism at ll but on run of the mill kid-friendly activities from a freethinking point of view. Anyone interested in child-development, education, or organizing? Maybe you'd like to be a co-leader? Or assist in some other way? 


None of this needs to cost a ton of money or take up a load of time, I just need SOMEONE besides myself to step up and say "Yea! Kids deserve a non-denominational, co-ed freethinker club to be a part of, and I'm willing to pitch in a bit to make it happen!" - and mean it. 


My grand plan is pretty modest. I'd like to provide a place for kids who don't really fit into boy or girl scouts to have a chance to get together once a month for a scout meeting, to work on badges and such, and maybe another time or tow a month to just socialize, play games, and be part of a club with other freethinker-friendly kids and caring freethinker-friendly adults. And I want to have at least one picnic and one camp-out in the warmer months, and at least 2 holiday parties that are not religious, in every year. I don't think that's a lot to ask. 


Who's with me? Anyone...?


Here's hoping :)


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Hey just saw this and I had a question. What are the ages for the kids, my son is 3, 3 1/2 in December, so I think he may be too young, if not we'd love to get more info!


Hi Erin!

My girl is 7, so the group I'm going to be focused on the for the littlest ones, Fireflies - ages 4 - 9. So yea, he's a bit young at the moment, but he'd still be more than welcome to attend meetings as soon as you feel like bringing him. In the circle we were members of in Chicago the leaders had a crawler aged baby, and I think he enjoyed the activities - just being around the kids & being doted on by older kids & other parents and such. Boy, I miss those outings. :)


I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, and I'm just this week taking flyers & stuff to local stores, we'll be having our first planning meeting this month, I'm not sure where yet but definitely on the east side. I just got set up with a local mailing list and I'm ticking items off the Circle Charter To Do list. We're getting our background checks & whatnot. I'll keep you posted, thanks for the interest. 


Sorry I haven't replied in the past month, I have been busy with school/internship and forget to check AN, since its not in my usual social network routine. Let me pm you with my email address. My kiddo will be 4 in June, but I'm sure he'd like to attend a group here and there and participate as appropriate. Hope to hear how it's going.


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