My attendance at the Reason Rally has recently come into question.  You see, I'm an avid fantasy baseball fan and our draft, which was originally slated for March 31st, got moved to March 24th, noon.  As if blessed by God (sarcasm, obviously), one of my league mates cannot do that day.  It appears as though it's being moved to March 17th, which means I get to go to DC and attend the world's largest secular event EVER!  I feel like a little kid who was told that Christmas was cancelled, only to find out that my parents were fucking with me! 


Oh, and keeping with the spirit of this group, I'm also excited for my upcoming draft.  I've got a slew of good, young, cheap keepers:


Brett Lawrie ($5)

Desmond Jennings ($1)

Freddie Freeman ($4)

Jose Bautista ($5)


Finally, as an introduction, I must proclaim my Phillies fandom.  I have lived in Philly since '92, and it's great to be in the Golden Age of Phillies baseball.  Go Phils!!



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Welcome to the group! I am a Dodger fan born and raised. I can't wait till the season opens. If I were to have a 'religion' (LOL) it would have to be baseball.

I like those pics, especially Bautista, what a player!

I'll try and keep the standings up to date once the season starts and they are available!

yeah, i got Bautista 2 years ago and locked him up for 2 years at that price.  i can still keep him next year but he'll cost $15.  still worth it. 


Dodgers have some nice pieces, but i'm not sure they're ready to make the playoffs.  kemp and kershaw are a nice foundation. 

Hey if you're interested I started a fantasy baseball league here in this group. If your interested! Here's the website so if you are interested the draft doesn't start until April 1, 2012. Their will prizes for the Championship, and other Awards! So I hope you will get involved!

hey, sorry for the late reply.  so far so good.  we have a weekly prize for "best week" (based on roto) which i won in week 2.  mostly my team is living up to expectations.  we're h2h also, but not points, which can be turbulent based on matchups. 

i've got Bonafacio and Joyce on my bench, which i'm going to change starting next week.  time to sub out some of the disappointments. 




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