League begins with the start of the regular season.

Click on the link for League Details. Send me a email at so that I can invite you to the league as  a team owner. Hopefully this is a successful year. I will try and keep everything updated weekly so feel free to post a reply if you would like to suggest a change or need more info. So have fun. I will keep everything going. May the best team win.

Teams so far:

McKinleyville BlueSox - Owner Ed Bennett

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i'd join, i guess, but how many teams will there be and who will the other owners be?

The players in real time score you points, who ever has the most points at the end of the year wins! check out the link and do a little research first, if you are interested send me a email.

Remember, send me an email so I can invite you if you are interested, then once invited you can create your team, draft is in about three weeks! We need 10 teams to make this fair, if not then we will have wait until we get enough I will end up having to post pone it though!


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