I'm looking to disrupt any public prayer as part of NDOP with loud readings of the First Amendment and Judge Crabb's ruling. Is anyone else up for doing something? I live in Columbia, but am thinking Baltimore or Annapolis will probably have something planned.

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I'm a strong atheist, but I do believe that people have the right to gather and prayer if it's what floats their boat! I'm against any kind of prayer in public space such as Congress, Football games and certainly places where kids are, but if consenting adults decide to gather in a particular street and pray, this is covered under Freedom of Speech. They have the right to be wrong and ridiculous.
My protest this year is not about the right of people to pray when and where they want to, but about the unconstitutionality of a Presidential declaration of a National Day of Prayer. Until we have a National Day of Reason that Atheists can participate in, I'll use the NDOP to voice my opposition to government-sponsored sectarian events.




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