David Roberts decries the way media cover Climate Change.

Climate Change's Original Sin

Climate change is about rapidly accelerating changes in the substrate of modern civilization, the weather patterns and sea levels that have held relatively steady throughout all advanced human development. By its nature, it affects everything that rests on that substrate: agriculture, land use, transportation, energy, politics, behavior…everything. Climate change is not "a story," but a background condition for all future stories. The idea that it should or could be adequately covered by a subset of "environmental journalists" was always an insane fiction. [emphasis mine]

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The fact is that climate change is, by itself, a story, and a significant one in that it has impact on practically any story you want to talk about regarding this planet and the beings that live on it.  That isn't background; That's FOREGROUND.  That is a cause whose effects are In Our Faces all over the place, and if it isn't a consideration for coverage of everything from politics to farming to space science and too many other disciplines to mention, then I want to know WHY.




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