7 Ways Digg Dug Its Own Grave

Once a high-flying web property, Digg was sold Thursday for a paltry $500,000. The sale to Betaworks...

Digg redesigned its website in August 2010. It was a disaster. Not only was the redesign buggy, but it removed popular features, like "burying" stories. The impact of the design mess was swift. Digg experienced a 24 percent drop in traffic...

While Digg was alienating members, a viable alternative emerged to what Digg was offering. That alternative was Reddit, which allowed news hounds to determine news trends on the Web but to take action, too. For example, Reddit was a key forum for protestors that brought down legislation that opponents maintained would undermine freedom in cyberspace.

I'm wondering if I should switch to Reddit. Since I joined in 2009 I made 3,686 submissions, countless diggs, and got 344 followers. I've never been happy with how difficult it is to find stuff you dugg more than a couple of days ago, no easy search and super slow loading of a few stories at a time.

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