Vampire Webpages Suck Content From Legitimate Progressive News Sites

These liberal news sites do actual journalism.

The top eight independent progressive sites are Daily KosRaw Story (14.4 million), Mother Jones (14.3 million), Salon (11.4 million), AlterNet (5.9 million), the Guardian (4.7 million), Talking Points Memo (4.4 million) and ThinkProgress.


Some new media vampires on the internet block are pilfering content from independent journalism websites and deceitfully posting it as their own on Facebook,...

These Facebook pages and their affiliated websites pose as progressive champions, but their content is largely copied, if not plagiarized, from legitimate news and opinion outlets with real reporters and analysts, not rewrite teams. Their goal appears to be making money by attracting millions of readers as unknowing users click on links or share their memes—photos with slogans—because viewer traffic generates advertising revenues via Google ads.

Many subscribers and sharers of these Facebook pages don’t know about this content’s oft-pilfered origin nor its parasitic business model. 

Some of these sites, like Occupy Democrats, received many “pants on fire” and “false” grades from, underscoring their tenuous relationship with accurate reporting.

As a consequence of vampire pages and sites, progressives on Facebook are being misled as their newsfeeds are being inundated by operators out to make ad revenue profits or attract donations. Further, reader attention is being diverted from real independent journalism outlets. The vampires don't credit their sources, as legitimate media organizations do when rewriting or aggregating others’ content. And the vampires arguably are undermining efforts to fight back against the Trump authoritarian presidency. [emphasis mine]


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Good to know - thanks Ruth.

I'm somewhat insulated from this, (1) not being on Facebook and (2) using an ad blocker -- also insulation against some of the focused psychological warfare behind our recent extremist takeover.

In other places online, I do see people sharing sensationalistic, shocking graphic memes that promote progressive ideas. Even if the facts and figures check out (and they're sometimes exaggerated or inaccurate), I'll stop sharing things that promote vampire "news" sites.

(It's tempting to take a graphic meme and remove the website reference... Better, though, to make our own! You don't have to be a Photoshop wizard. Free tools like GIMP and IrfanView let you retouch, edit, and combine pictures, and add captions; or you can use image builder tools at sites like

Speaking of making our own, this one might be worth sharing, especially given the White House's budget blueprint "that targets, with precision, poor, sick and elderly Americans and cuts help to them in ways seemingly designed to kill them more rapidly than the current budget allows." (Hunter at Daily Kos)

(click to enlarge)

Yet one more reason why I'm glad to have NOTHING to do with Facebook!




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