Climate Change in the Visual Story Lab

Liz Banse summarizes the keys to effective Communication.

Is it visual? Whenever and wherever you can replace words with visuals, do so. Is there an image that encapsulates your message perfectly? Lead with it.

Is it meaningful? Why should your audience care? Are you connecting your issue with your audience’s primary concerns...

Is it shareable? How do they ensure that their message does not get lost when that awesome picture they posted gets shared...? Text overlay. ... Pair your images with words, so that when your pictures fly across the Internet, they take the message (and the motivation) with them.

Is it emotional? Simply put, emotions drive human decision making. Pictures and video are some of the most effective mediums for conveying emotion. Do you know what emotions drive your audience to action? If you don’t know what works best, it’s time for more testing. Hope? Awe? Fear? Anger? These are all high arousal emotions that get people to care about something. As Jonah Berger, author of Contagious, says, when we care, we share.

Is it harmonious?

Does your verbal message match your visual message? The brain scientists tell us that the visual sense is the dominant sense. If your verbal message says one thing (“don’t litter!), but your visual message shows something else (a littered landscape),...

Is it authentic?  Choose genuine over generic images. People linger over them – whether on a website or on a wall – simply because they are more interesting, a snapshot of reality.

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''Une image vaut mille mots.''

Napoleon Bonaparte




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