Yet another way to spread fake news, post it as an opinion piece. The case in point, a mainstream paper promotes disinformation in its headline, while complaining of fake news elsewhere at the same time. If you pretend it's opinion, no fact checking needed.

Fake news spreads mostly by people reading the headline. Few read the entire article. Many share based on the headline. Even if you didn't share the fake news headline, it will have left an impression as news from a respected source. That alone will influence your perception of what's normal, will have shifted the Overton Window for you.

Washington Post embraces ‘fake news’ by printing debunked climate m...

Running opinions that haven’t been fact-checked amounts to normalizing the fake news they decry.

“Trump’s climate plan might not be so bad after all,” blasted an attention-grabbing Washington Post headline on Monday.

First, how exactly are readers to know the Post is publishing something it hasn’t fact-checked? Would the Post run a disclaimer acknowledging the piece has not been fact-checked and may be false? Of course they wouldn’t. Yet the disclaimer would be accurate whereas the article itself is not. Such is the Orwellian world we live in now.

Second, as a new piece on fake news by the Post’s own fact-checker explains, everybody has “shared something based on the headline without actually reading the link.”

The goal of much, if not most, fake news is simply to spread a false headline far and wide.

... vastly more people see the headline of any story than actually read much of the content.

So potentially millions of people could have seen the Post’s absurd headline, “Trump’s climate plan might not be so bad after all” without knowing it comes from an opinion piece that has not been fact-checked, written by a widely debunked writer. [emphasis mine]

Lomborg, the most widely DEBUNKED climate denier.

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That graph is a dramatic illustration of cherry-picking!

And thank you for illustrating honest, concise, informative headlines that sum up a post's main points! Even if someone reads nothing past "Fake news disguised as opinion", that itself encourages people to be more critical and skeptical of headlines.

(In the Atheist Nexus ecosystem, posting a reply like this one will repeat "Fake news disguised as opinion" in the Latest Activity list, calling more attention to the title.)

Thanks. And I assume the irony isn't intentional. The way ning sets up our site, not only does Fake news spread mostly by people reading the headline, so does news here. To quote the article.




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