Crommunist outlines the steps majority online spaces react to minority dissent, fostering racism, sexism or homophobia under a cloak of moderation "preserving a veneer of neutral respectability".

  1. Wear Down Your Subject: “Do everything you can to rationalize, ignore, stay silent and generally fail to acknowledge the abysmal race and gender employment ratios in your field”
  2. Let the Trolls Do the Dirty Work: “As’s longtime community manager, I can tell you that trolls know how to use Google Alerts. They hate feminism and anti-racism as concepts, and they hate quite a few human feminists and anti-racists”
  3. Play the ‘Middle’ Between Rational and Frothing Racist
  4. Find and Spread a Politically Convenient Co-Sign: “Let’s stick to the issue at hand: there is a woman who dislikes another woman.”
  5. Keep The Pressure On Your Subject and Off the System: “if you’ve done your job right, they’ll all be about what your target should have done differently to avoid becoming a target”
  6. Wonder Why There Aren’t More Women and People of Color In [Insert Industry]

This is how majority spaces react to minority dissent – they follow a predictable pattern of behaviour to ostracize and shut down the dissenters, all whilst preserving a veneer of neutral respectability.

By assigning the Internet trolls one end of the alignment spectrum, you’ve successfully shifted the terms of the debate from, “What can be done about rampant unjust outcomes for women and people of color?” to “How many racial epithets is it OK to fit in a tweet?”

New required reading: How to Get a Black Woman Fired

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Thanks... this applies more broadly than in the original, important "how to get a black woman fired" context.


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