Koch Brothers Plan to Buy up Eight Major Newspapers

Koch brothers bid to control US print media. *groan* Why does an image of Flash Gordon's Emperor Ming keep coming to my mind? Oh yeah, evil overlord trying to destroy the universe. Just multiply by two and dress in suits.


The billionaire oil moguls Charles and David Koch are pushing ahead with  their plans to purchase several news outlets across the United States, according to a  detailed report in the New York Times on Sunday.

At a recent seminar in Aspen, one attendee reported that the brothers — infamous for bankrolling conservative candidates and causes — put forth the question of, “How do we make sure our voice is being heard?” Their answer, it seems, will be to purchase the entire Tribune company, which constitutes a huge swath of American print media... [emphasis mine]

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Move over Faux News.  You will have a competitor for not "Who is the fairest of them all" but "Who is the most dishonest of them all."

Could someone please tell me WHY they are allowed to do this?  Yeah, I know, the laws about minimizing the number of media outlets one person or organization can own, but this is freaking ridiculous!  We don't need the Kochs or anyone else monopolizing our media and sure as hell NOT our news media!!!




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