How Conservatives Played the Media Like a Fiddle to Elect a Racist ...

I don't get how Eric Altman concludes that

America has finally learned the limits of "both sides" journalism.

Altman reports on a '"thoughtful, complicated, multi-sided " report by six academics using media cloud analysis  on how media impacted the 2016 election. A report ignored by mainstream media.

...many sources … are far more trustworthy when it comes to facts and evidence than many others, but most news consumers do not make this distinction. 

…, the media cloud project clarifies a number of points that ought to alarm anyone who cares about the future of American democracy and the ability of the mainstream media to cut through the massive layers of propaganda purposely created by far-right elements to confuse facts and undermine evidence. Indeed, what the cloud shows is that the mainstream media is much more likely to follow the lead of the liars than to challenge them.

... conservatives are winning a war that liberals, centrists and, indeed, anyone who believes that politics should be tethered to recognizable reality don’t even know they are fighting. Racism and Islamophobia from outlets like Breitbart and the lunatic ravings of Infowars’ Alex Jones … drove the news coverage of the election even in our most prestigious outlets. Twitter and Facebook were dominated by phony stories …, and cable news… reinforced these priorities, allowing Trump surrogates to lie with impunity and without correction. [emphasis mine]

In other words mainstream media swallowed White Nationalist lies whole, making lunatic racism dominate public discourse. The election was like a horror flick where an invisible malevolent force body snatches - or mind-snatches - all of the news producers and conquers the country.

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He provides no evidence that this mind-snatch is reversing, or that media producers even acknowledge it.

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I'm going to throw this one out until someone catches a clue:

I've searched my conscience, and I can't for the life of me find any justification for this, and I simply cannot accept that there are on every story two equal and logical sides to an argument.
-- Edward R. Murrow

While I don't 100% agree with Steve Shives on the issue of denying supremacist individuals or groups access to media, this is a situation where the offenders should have been cut off at the knees, or at least challenged on their bullshit assertions.  What happened amounted to a gross and utterly inappropriate exaggeration of the "Fairness Doctrine" ... one which would have Mr. Murrow doing about 1,000 rpm in his grave.

You are correct Loren. The problem is the more they feed the beast the more it rears its ugly head. That was proven when all media jumped on the dolt 45 wagon. I believe that's what put the fool in the Whitehouse. And the republicans thought they could control him. Hell, he can't control himself.




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