Mark Deuze claims, "We can only imagine a life outside media." "If anything, today the uses and appropriations of media can be seen as fused with everything people do, everywhere people are, everyone people aspire to be." "There is no external to media life -- whatever we perceive as escape hatch, passage out or potential Delete key is just an illusion. In fact, we can only imagine a life outside media." Media are to us as water is to fish..."

We Live Our Lives Within Our Media, Rather Than Simply With It, Exp...

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We are now more connected than we have ever been, and social media are now playing an integral role in our spontaneous social fabric of disaster response.

Jospeh Robertson from Hot Spring Network describes our response to Frankenstorm Sandy in terms of a larger media-enabeled hyperconvergence.

...a major socio-psychological jolt like Sandy has effectively pushed the process of worldwide hyper-convergence forward, tantalizing people who may never have understood their own need for what it can be, with a rush of useful or comforting information and instructions for survival and protection of property.

Superstorm Sandy: Hyper-convergence in Motion

That is true - media is everywhere and we are saturated by it.




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