Just Like That, Louisiana Has Criminalized Journalism

Did you post a Facebook status that someone applied for a concealed handgun permit? If you live in Louisiana you just committed a felony -- go to jail for six months and pay $10,000.

On June 19, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)  signed a bill that sets penalties of  up to six months in jail and $10,000 for those who publish "any information regarding the identity of any person who applied for or received a concealed handgun permit." The law includes exceptions for cases in which the concealed handgun holder is charged with a felony offense involving the use of a handgun.
Carl Redman, ...chairman of the Louisiana Press Association's Freedom of Information Committee,... called it  "very ironic that the very people who screamed the loudest about attempts to limit their Second Amendment rights are here eager to limit my First Amendment rights." [emphasis in red mine]

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Right... ignore those "inconvenient" parts of the Constitution you don't like.

I hope that law is being effectively challenged in court!




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