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Covering news, and reacting to it, has changed in the past year. Important events that used to penetrate public consciousness and arouse national debate now disappear from collective notice before they're grasped and integrated into our understanding.

The Year the News Accelerated to Trump Speed

… this may be Mr. Trump’s greatest trick: His tornado of news-making has scrambled Americans’ grasp of time and memory, producing a sort of sensory overload that can make even seismic events — of his creation or otherwise — disappear from the collective consciousness and public view.
The disorientation has had far-reaching effects, shaping not only Mr. Trump’s public image but also the ways in which lawmakers, journalists and others in his ecosystem are compelled to operate.
... nothing matters long enough to matter.
And the president’s apparent triumph over the space-time continuum has created practical concerns across newsrooms and congressional offices, exacerbated by ... the rise of Facebook and Twitter, the partisan instincts of cable news and, in the case of mass shootings, what many describe as a growing public imperviousness to horror.
Senator Christopher S. Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, who became a prominent gun control advocate after the 2012 massacre in Newtown, Conn., described his task under Mr. Trump as a “triage” mission, “newly overwhelming” every day. [emphasis mine]

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"Triumph over the space-time continuum" indeed!

This reminds me of the Gish Gallop, but rather than (just) telling rapid-fire lies that can't be individually refuted at the same speed, the Liar-In-Chief is (also) manipulating us by creating rapid-fire "THIS IS IMPORTANT! NO, THIS IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT!! PAY ATTENTION! NOW!!!" news events, with no time to analyze or digest them before the next event pushes previous ones into the background.


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