The Washington Post's "three Pinocchios" for AOC shows how incohere...

Paul Rosenberg clarifies how fact-checking political discourse isn't just about facts, but includes

  • policing political deviance (viewpoints the checker "rejects as unworthy of being heard") and
  • reflects an urgency to denounce Democrats and liberals so the fact checker seems balanced (after keeping track of "8,158 false or misleading claims made by Trump in his first two years as president").

Ocasio-Cortez’s ideas — on marginal tax rates, a Green New Deal  and economic justice — are only deviant in a media system that’s utterly divorced from reality. That’s why it would be a serious mistake to view her in isolation. The intellectual incoherence of “fact-checking” poses a serious threat to Democrats and progressives — and to democracy itself — through the 2020 election, at least. The sooner we all wake up to that, and respond to it, the better.

... it was really a boundary-policing episode, meant to keep her “radical” ideas outside the sphere of legitimate debate by portraying her as untrustworthy. Further, it was meant to deter others from similar infractions ... [emphasis mine, order changed]

Rosenberg details some shocking errors, such as "in 2011, when PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year” — the claim that Republicans wanted to end Medicare — was actually true, as Paul KrugmanSteve Bennen and others pointed out.".

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is something of a rarity in politics; she's a FIREBRAND.  What makes her even more dangerous is that she's a firebrand who knows her facts and is prepared to defend them and herself against the kind of BS cursory attacks which are more a product of YouTube comments than they are serious discussion.  Add to that the fact that she knows how to communicate her points clearly and incisively and Republicans around her (and some Democrats!) are wetting their pants at the thought of having to confront her ... presuming they have the balls to do so.

Meanwhile, I sit back and laugh ... because this is SO overdue!

A Firebrand is exactly what we need right now; those qualities seem to appear far too rarely, and often too late. I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be able to hold her position and gain a following who share her values and have been trying to make their mark on our deteriorating culture. The values she represents can stand up to the most pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, opinionate, blowhards of our day. With her spit and fire, she will challenge the hypocrites and withstand the sharpest of tongues. She will withstand the lies that will surely appear; the character assassination will be relentless. She is smart enough and strong enough to face down those attempts to defeat her. 




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