How technology changes us is also a Media Issue, in my view.

The Right Type of Words: Words Spelled On Right Side of Keyboards L...

Who would have imagined that the QUERTY keyboard would impact positive/ negative feelings toward words?

Words spelled with more letters on the right of the keyboard are associated with more positive emotions than words spelled with more letters on the left, according to new research by cognitive scientists Kyle Jasmin of University College London and Daniel Casasanto of The New School for Social Research, New York. Their work shows, for the first time, that there is a link between the meaning of words and the way they are typed - a relationship they call the QWERTY* effect.

So Ruth must be emotionally neutral QUERTY-wise? The "devotion" root has been eclipsed? It's interesting that affect attachment to symbols can shift so quickly in response to the medium of communication.

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I wonder if this also held true for left-handed people.




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