Fox News's treatment of the so called Benghazi scandal brings to mind Fred W. Rigg's theory of comparative public administration.

Riggs compared the way public administration differs in developed countries with that in developing countries. He payed attention to the way structures served their functions. For example in a well functioning country a person's religion, ethnicity, or personal connections wouldn't effect how he/she was hired for public office or carried out the job. Qualifications would be based on merit. Religious authorities or the politically powerful wouldn't be able to get away with taking others property, or with breaking the law. Nepotism wouldn't taint public service. Corruption wouldn't be institutionalized. Economic (banking), social, communicative (media), symbolic and political functions would each be carried out by independent structures. The extent to which separation of functions is compromised, for example by religion overtaking politics, monied interests overtaking politics, social celebrities influencing politics, or politicians manipulating businesses, indicates the extent to which a society is inherently corrupt and developmentally disabled.

I used to think the US was a developed country, but more and more we exhibit developing country traits like these:

Wall street's control of politics, reaching into the Supreme Court

Christian Fundamentalism/ political right unity, reaching into public school funding

Mass media controlled by political interests, so that manufactured scandal for political fund raising purposes replaces real news.

How Fox News Dresses Up Extreme Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories as News

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