These people are protesting abortion by praying outside of clinics where people risk their lives every day to help women that are desperately in need of counseling and service.

If they really cared about abortion they would be in schools providing sex education or lobbying for more government support of programs that distribute birth control.
But wait, they are against those things too.

Even pro-lifers think you should avoid abortion at all costs. However, whether you are for or against abortion, it is best to strike at the root of the problem instead of complaining about the problem itself. And of course, making things worse by preaching abstinence only education and prohibiting birth control is not going to make abortion go anywhere anytime soon.

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It is worse than that, they wouldn't even let you teach WHAT sex IS, I know girls who became pregnant with quite knowing what they did to get that way! are abslolutly, totally correct. And thank you for your brave efforts.
In an ideal world pro-lifers and pro-choice would work together to reduce the amount of abortions and unwanted pregnancies. The problem being if people aren't willing to be lenient about certain beliefs (contraception, sex ed) this will never happen and the abortion debate will always be around. are you.




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