My husband is just starting his job search. He's in his last year of residency in EM. His first interview is with a Catholic Hospital.

I'm very curious if anyone here has any experience in a Catholic hospital and if the culture of the staff is any more religious than other hospitals. I'm also wondering at what point the religion clashes with the practice of medicine. Obviously there are no abortions, but I wonder if there are any other restrictions he might bump up against (particularly in the ER).

For what it's worth, this hospital is in a New England state where religion is not nearly as in your face as in some regions of the country.

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I've been wondering about this too. I'm about to start working at a Catholic charity hospital, primarily because there was a job available, but also because, except for the religious part, I agree with the mission of the organization. My impression is that religion isn't in play much other than having priests and icons around. I know there are some hindu and muslim people who work there. The only other things that I saw than the abortion issues where a prohibition on euthanasia and that you can't work professionally with an organization that would bring discredit to the hospital or call their religious values into question (paraphrasing here). I take that to mean that I can't also work at planned parenthood. I thought long and hard about this clause because I have no intention of signing an agreement and then not abiding by it. After really thinking hard about it I think the only way that I would violate the agreement would be by working for planned parenthood or a similar organization. I couldn't have signed it if I were an OB/GYN, but I'm not.
Interesting. I wonder if belonging to an atheist organization would trigger the portion of the clause that calls their religious values into question. I wonder if they allow even passive euthanasia, I think he'd have a problem with that if he was working in an ICU. Fortunately working in the ER I don't think he'll run into these issues.

I hope it works out okay for you.
No, they hire people of all faiths and the employees are not in your face religious (at least not here in CA). I would check out his ability to prescribe meds such as emergency contraceptive to a rape victim though. Even though it is not a prescription that would be tracked, he would have to chart that it was given and that may cause him grief there. Generally, the only difference is that you tend to see nuns and priests wandering the halls 'giving comfort', and the social workers are likely to be nuns as well.
Thanks Gwen, that sounds like good advice about the emergency contraceptive.

I asked him if he had any concerns about it being a Catholic hospital and he doesn't so I guess I shouldn't for him :)
I wonder what they do in the ER. Do they have priests standing by just in case someone comes in that can't be revived (grimace), I can imagine that would go over like a lead balloon to those working the case.

We definitely want to be in New England, no chance of accepting a transfer :)
This is what I was wondering about as far as culture it's very useful information. Thanks for your funny reply Jean Marie. Hopefully the hospital he's applying to won't be like that. For me, I'm not sure I could deal with that much Catholicism unless I was desperate. My husband deals with religion much better than I, but somehow I think even he would have a hard time with so much presence.
I once interviewed with a Catholic medical group. They gave me battery of psychological tests, but told me that the tests would hve no impact on getting the job. If course, I didn't get the job. And I'm glad.
Huh, very interesting Daniel. Our (oops, I mean his) interview is next Friday. I will be very curious to see if he reports anything unusual.


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