Someday I would like to see medical professionals in place to help the religiously-programmed recover from their brainwashing.  Does anyone know of psych services like this already in place in the US or abroad?  The rational among us carry a responsibility that comes with being 'more aware'.  We should do our part to reclaim the minds of those that are struggling with a religion that was pushed on them by their upbringing (psychological abuse!).  We know religion preys on the innocent gullibility of childhood and the unfair invocation of guilt.  We'd save more minds if these poor closet atheists had someone to anonymously call or turn to in confidentiality.  People in religious families really do have a lot at stake by speaking out against their respective religion, and we would all do well as good humans to keep that in mind.  Telling your christian parents you don't love Jesus anymore is right up there with coming out as homosexual.  While I struggle with maintaining my patience with the religious, as a human I can sympathize with their anxiety.


Also, I would love to see billboards go up next to churches that read, "Wanna kick the guilt and fear of eternal damnation?  Give us a call.  We can help."


That would REALLY piss 'em off  ;-)


Our future welfare as a species hinges on the maintenance of a collective rationality.  Every time you help convert a theist to a non-theist, superstition loosens it's mind-numbing grip on humanity ever so slightly.


Thank you in advance for your responses.

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