The other night in the ER I was going in to see a MVA victim, strapped to a back board, cervical collar on etc. I entered the room to see these fundie morons laying hands on her and mumbling some voodo. She’s becoming more hysterical with each minute so I just put myself between these two and said “Thanks guys. I need to look at her now”. They seemed genuinely shocked that I interrupted their razz-a-ma-tazz. They seemed to feel that they have some entitlement because “this is god’s country” and “everybody believes and understands”.It took me some moments to calm her down and undo what those boobs did. She asked “am I going to die?” I told the guys to leave and not come back until they asked if it was OK. I’m sure she needed some spiritual assist at that time but not at the expense of her having a melt down (inceased pulse, resp, BP, panic at being restrianed). What she needed was my calming influence not the emotinal uraveling that was going on courtesy of the fundie fun bunch. Ignorant bastards.

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HAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA....I love it! Wish I'd thought of the "isolation" rationale.
Isolation room. Absolutely delicious!
Sometimes people don't get it, even if it has nothing to do with religion. Once when I was doing my OB rotation, catching the baby, the Dad tried to push me out of the way so that he could get a better shot on videotape. Obviously, I never forgot it. Didn't drop the baby, though.

Can't think of any religious activities getting in the way.

Quite a number of times people thought I was Jewish because of my German-sounding last name, and made antisemetic comments. A couple of Palestinian patients refused to let me examine them for the same reason. I never knew how to react - people being prejudiced against me for something that I wasn't. I don't think that's religious so much as ethnic, however. I suppose I could have offered some reasons for them to hate me for something that I actually was, but my job is to give care, regardless.
Were these idoits even family members?? Where are the HIPPA regs when you need them? Do these fucktards just hang out in the ER and commit random prayer assault????

A few years ago we had one of these fundies on our floor as a patient. We caught him going into other patient's rooms with an obviously "doctored" photo and insisting that it was proof positive that angels really exist!!! He insisted that I look at this sham and declaire that there was NO denying the photo was real. I quietly told him that his photo was phony and he couldn't be accosting the other patients. If looks could kill, I'd be seriously ill to this day. lol I'm pretty sure I didn't make it on to their prayer list.
I think they were called by the family. Matters not. I couldn’t care less if yahweh himself came down and was pontificating; don‘t get in my fucking way when I’m working!
Of particular interest was on that sam night in walk a couple of mormon “missionaries” with soem trats for us har dowrking ER folk. These were the two I sent packing a few months earlier when the accosted me outside the ER. It happened to be pretty chilly that night so I asked if their magic underware kept them warm? The staff looked at me like I was crazy. The Morons left. Ballsy bunch those Joesph Smithites.
Ah yes....the Smithites. I love it when they come to my door. I proudly tell them that I'm an atheist and am not interested in their bullshit. I love the look on their faces. I'm evil that way. (snicker)




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