So I am in graduate school to obtain my FNP. One of the classes I am taking had a guest speaker today whose dissertation was in prayer. Now I am all for people believing in whatever they need to believe in to get themselves through the day but don't I get enough of having to be understanding at work. Now I have to listen to an entire 2 hour lecture on how spirituality and prayer are necessary for everyone and necessary for me to be a good nurse? I am a good caring nurse without prayer and/or spirituality. I must admit that I do appreciate the eastern philosophies more than the western mythologies; however, I just do not understand why it is necessary to listen to this stuff (to put it nicely) to get my master's.

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Do you go to a religious institution?
No it is not a religious institution. I just live in the bible belt.
In pharmacy school I had to listen to a lot of crap that I thought and still think was irrelevant to my profession. If 2 hours was all it cost you no big deal. It may give you some insight into the thinking of those around you and may help down the road in your career. You may eventually be in a position to stop the dissemination of this nonsense.
I would like to ask you some questions about the pitfalls that may lay ahead of me. If you have time that is...I am about to enter my second semester in my junior year of my BSN program. I do go to a Catholic nursing school, but the reasons are entirely secular.
I feel your pain when to earn extra credit for my Health & Illness class, I was to attend an " interfaith " play of sorts. I asked the producers at the end if athieist/agnostics were considered a part of the " interfaith " council? They said yes of course and I was brushed along....hahaha. Oh well, that's just the life of a privialged young white male who doesn't "believe"....


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