So, I went to the NYPH board for a routine HIV/STD test and the process is terrifying enough...However, the ways in which the officials go about making individuals feel calm, confident and important is horrible. Not to mention the individuals were not called in the order in which they arrived...Which caused more chaos. Also, individuals that do not recieve good results should not be sent back to the general waiting room. They need to have immediate counseling and consulation. These people just got horrible knews they don't need to be with people who probably got "good news" they are pissed...HELLO!!! However, this is merely my reflection.

Second, the environment is sterile, isolatory and severe. I know that this is a free service for the individuals in the city but I feel that my tax dollars would better utilized to create a calm, welcoming and orderly environment. So, maybe I should become a psychologist....

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This is why I love the nexus. Jean Marie, I swore that I would in fact, help to educate and improve this disastrous virus and the social treatment towards it. I am fortunate to have remained HIV negative. However, we know there are individuals that test positive. Now that I am older and teach I feel it is now my time to walk the walk as opposed to just flapping my jaws and arms around. So, I do agree that I myself need to make it better the best way I know how. Ironically, I had papers to grade at the facility but your attention span, nerves etc., will not allow you to focus on that stuff. There was a tv hanging from the wall but it was playing anything and there were no magazines or newspapers either. So, I am going to have to send them a constructive email not a bitchy one but just my concerns... I think I may do some volunteer work their as well....
That was an amazng scenario "a wave s made of a million drops of water."
Obviously I was too young to have witnessed the "hazmet" attire. However, I was told stories from relatives in medicine about the callous/cold treatment that was given to HIV+ people. I know that behavior was done out of fear and not out of natural intent.

However, we as informed people of the new millenium need to wake up. Ironically, we still treat this as though it just happened. I am so sick of hearing how individuals go about protecting themselves and then want to point the finger.

First, off, people need to learn to take matters into their own hands. Truthfully, we are supposed to treat every partner as if he or she has the virus. If they didnt disclose, so what, still protect yourself!!! I was talking to the counselor after I got my results and she told me the stories that she hears. She also told me that there is no such thing as testing anonymously.

That was wake up call number 1. 2nd the people no names mentioned of course, who actually are carriers were astounding. Professors, lawyers, politicians etc.. So, people need to get this untouchable mentality out of their heads.

Thank you for sharing this story with me it really is inspirational. This really influences me to want to help others.
I think in reason younger people are but mistakes still happen. We cant claim ignorance but there is still room for error.
I, do, however, feel that my generation is being a little bit more careless.
For example, the statistical evidence of Hiv infection among the young is devastating. The psychological thing is because you cant tell who has it or not. The idea of "they" didnt look still the ideology of the young. I am floored as to how many 13 year olds there are that are infected...
The place where I was was nothing but people in my age group...The looks on their faces told me a biography of their lives. You knew the results from their faces.
However, people are still in startling numbers practicing reckless behaviors with multiple partners...
So, its hard to say if they are more responsible. Because NYC, is still #1 in numbers in regards to STDs and HIV infection...
That's disturbing, because I would assume that mature adults would be more responsible. However, that is not always the case. Fortunately, I am with someone who is a mature adult but does get tested regularly. He and I both have made a commitment to one another to be faithful and get tested as needed. We do talk about long-term commitment. I know that statistically speaking, same sex male couples are still the Highest at-risk group. I do, however, believe that honesty, fidelity, and sorry to sound sappy (love) will be a strong enough bound between us.

But I am pragmatic and I know things do happen. I do believe that we would be honest to one another if infidelity ever arose between us.

I do think that if a couple has issues with commitment, fidelity etc., that they should be honest about it. I know theoretically that a partner does not have to truthfully disclose their status. But I do think that they should be honest about the last time they were tested. Before, they want to forego condoms... I know things are done in the heat of the moment but if people want to be without protection then they need to be responsible.

I know this is not always realistic but I just hate the blame game. I know if my test results came back positive that I would have been highly upset, distraught and illogical for a moment. But I would have had to come to grips with the fact that I made the decision to not protect myself. Its a hard, jagged pill to swallow but it is honesty.

Fortunately, they did comeback negative and I have to make sure they stay that way...:)




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