Speaking of religious inteference . . . here's part of the story of my beloved's 4th delivery and what the pastor of her church put her through. The nurses were not very kind to her at that hospital because she'd had 3 c-sections before she tried to have a home birth with a midwife and they were certain she was an idiot instead of a totally convinced religious person. Thank
goodness she's free now from all of that crap which afflicted her life for so long. And also free of Pasturd Jon Shonebarger, Jr. Here's a link to Vyckie's blog where she tells her story.


Vyckie says:
I had a flood of visitors from church during the first couple of days after the delivery. I could tell that the ladies were trying their level best not to distress me with news of the church split ~ but they could hardly help mentioning it because these women ~ who had worshiped together for years ~ had now become two groups ~ those who had stayed with Pastor Shonebarger and those who had left ~ and they had to coordinate their meal deliveries so as not to run into each other at our home. It wasn’t working out very well either ~ as both groups of ladies felt so horrible for me and my family ~ they wanted to help and they wanted to make sure that Warren and the children at home were well cared for in my absence ~ so they couldn’t resist bringing meals over ~ and most days, there were two deliveries ~ we had plenty to eat ~ Mimi was putting a lot of it in the freezer for later.

In the morning, the first person to arrive was Pastor Jon. Apparently, he had heard how the women who’d left the church were still visiting me and bringing meals to our family. Warren had mentioned to him that we had been invited to attend the new church they were starting ~ Heartland Baptist Church. All day long, the pastor sat like a guard just inside the door to my hospital room. He was mostly silent ~ just sitting there, watching. I wanted him to go away because I was expecting friends ~ and I was sure they wouldn’t come near me if they saw him in my room. Finally, toward evening, I called Warren and quietly whispered into the phone ~ I told him that Pastor Jon had been sitting like a sentinel by my door all day ~ “Please, make him go away,” I begged. By the time he finally left, visiting hours were over ~ not one of my friends had come to see me all day.

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I felt my blood pressure raising dramatically reading this blog. I'm so sorry that your wife had an unnecessary C-section with Angel. In the hospital, C-sections are usually emergency procedures when the mother or child are in distress. Women are evaluated for vbacs but after a certain number, no doctor is going to allow a vbac after 3 c-sections. I have seen a uterine rupture and it is harrowing for all involved, and hopefully the mother and child don't die. Your wife is incredibly lucky that she did not die. Has she left the baptist church as well? One of the things that drive c-sections are lawsuits. People will do incredibly stupid things while they are pregnant that is clearly dangerous to the fetus, yet if that obstetrician cannot deliver a perfect baby at the end of the day, s/he gets sued...and lay juries agree with the 'victim' much of the time!
I discovered NLQ a while back and I've really enjoyed (actually, maybe enjoyed isn't quite the right word, shocked mostly) reading Vyckie's story. I haven't made it this far yet with summer here and other things beckoning, I will be reading more once the cold weather hits. The things she went through (shiver)...I'm so glad that someone who got out is writing about the Quiverful movement.

Too bad the staff at her hospital didn't bother to ask her whether she wanted the pastor to camp out at her door. Another thing no one should have to deal with at a time like that.




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