"She/he still has a lot of anger issues and she/he is manifesting it with breast/prostate/stomach... CANCER"... or whatever dz. That line of "thinking" really pains me. A. With most diseases, there's zero evidence. B. It's another superstitious blame game C. Where's the compassion?

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....yeah and when THEY get hit by a car.....
This is a variation of "I'm not responsible for your health care, amongst people who don't understand that medicare is govt run!

Blame the victim, anything but the truth, like wishing yourself riches a la Oprah W!
oh yes, Gwen! the car accident typically "is the higher self creating a spiritual lesson"... "they needed to slow down, and now that they are a quadraplegic, the universe is forcing them to align with their spiritual purpose." excuse me --- i need to puke my guts out on that one....
Anne Marie,
As I read your response I feel a little bit confused and misunderstood. I think what you're saying is that my entry came accross to you as arrogant and callous and that you do believe there is always a mind body connection. I think you value compassion and you didn't receive that in what I wrote. One possible confusion may be that you thought maybe I'm blaming the person for their illness or disease? I didn't intend to convey that. I meant to convey the opposite. Thank you for letting me know how what I wrote affected you. sherry
ohh, i see.. I see that we agree on both points... the "blaming the patient w/ supernatural "explanations" in the one situation while at the same time there is a mind body connection in the second. I get your humor now, thanks! I'm glad you followed up on this as I was wondering if I needed to be a lot more careful when I wrote stuff, and now I think I can let my occassional posts be unhibited. Thanks again, sherry




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