I'm currently in Traverse City, Michigan and I'd be interested in an atheist meetup somewhere in the state.

Anyone else?

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There is an atheist meetup for Michigan already, but it would be a bit of a drive for you. Here is the site for that http://atheists.meetup.com/13/ It is based in the Detroit area. They actually do have a lot of activities and I also recommend joining their e-mail mailing list they usually have great discussions and send out information regarding laws, parties, and other events that atheists would be interested in.
You can go to meetup.com and put in your interest and try to start a group in your area.
Just a suggestion.
Actually, did that a while ago. Traverse City Freethought was started two months after I moved to TC =)
Hi Brian, I see your in TC In out in Leelanau, I see you posted last year but is there still a Freethought group around? I might have to look it up, Thanks

See http://traversecityfreethought.googlepages.com/home. Been meaning to go, haven't yet though.
Ya know what? here in East lansing we have the MMHA(mid michigan humanist and atheist group) meet every last sunday of the month. You should come check it out.
I thought there was one in Jackson as well. Not sure.

Oooh!  Have you tried Grand Traverse Humanists?  We meet at the library on the second Monday of every month at 7pm!  It's good fun, you should come!!

I'm in Ludington, Traverse City and Muskegon aren't that far.

Oh yea... I'm not as scary as I look. The beard is gone. too many

comparisons to a serial killer.

Cadillac or Traverse City would be a nice place for an Atheist meeting as well as winter sports and amateur astronomy.
Cadillac would be nice.  I don't go to T.C. often because of the gas prices.




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