I personally haven't, but when I told some of my friends that I was an atheist, they gave me the WTF face and said they would pray for me. I am just curious to hear if any of you good folks have experienced anything negative with your atheism.

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I did for a long time in high school, lots of people used to wait for me outside of class, the lock arms around me and follow me to my next class murmuring prayers and the following it all up with being sent to the office for "worshiping Satan." now i just get alot of people who scoff at me with a "How can you not believe in god!" or my personal favorite "Whatever, you're going to hell". But yes i can agree with scott, i am guilty of being somewhat arrogant when presented with someone who is willing to debate me on my atheism. But my arrogance is merely a defense for the... for lack of a better word, fear, and even hatred (i have lost a few "friends") twords my veiws. in my opinion we are "arrogant" only because we're feared.
The only instance I can think of is telling my father-in-law who stated that he "feel's sorry for me". We're cool though; him and I. It's kinda like "don't ask don't tell" anymore, lol.

I'm out to my co-workers and they could care less.

Two other times I came out to Christians. The first time the lady was sincerely concerned for my soul and I don't doubt she has prayed for me quite a few times.

The second instance I had some books on hand that I was reading at the time. This second lady asked "What are you reading?" I was reading Atheism: A Reader edited by S T Joshi and I told her so. Her comment was slightly more insulting than the idea of being prayed for. She said "But your such a nice person!"

Atheists can't be nice people? Jeez.
I grew up in a small town and received physical abuse from my peers and emotional and verbal abuse from staff and teachers at my school as I grew up. This only solidified my belief that religion is an irrational and dangerous force. As an adult, I was pursued and evangelized until I moved out of that town. I was also accused of Satanism and witchcraft. My father faced job discrimination and my mother was ostracized from social groups when our family was outed.

I still bear deep physical and emotional scars.
The frequency with which micro-offenses occur is quite high, considering that in all likelihood we never know about most of them because they are happening behind our backs.

The most poignant one, for me, was one time, about a decade ago, when my son's best friend invited him to an Easter party, and then had to dis-invite him when the kid's mom made up the official list. He was told "You can't come because you don't believe". It hurts more when it happens to your kid. He took it in stride but I cried for days, every time I was alone.

Edited to add: Oops, I just noticed this is a Michigan group. I live in California but lived in Michigan a few times (about a decade all together, including a week every summer). I bet nobody will have the guts to kick me out after my rejection story.
Once a Michigander, always a Michigander....
Surprisingly, I have not. I say surprisingly because I live deep within the hive of the Dutch Reformers in Michigans bible belt.
Hi, just joined the group. I see my son Larry (LarroFCD) is a member, cool.
I had an insurance guy come to my house to sign up for home owners insurance. There was a knock on my door and it was the jehovah witnesses trying to convert me I suppose. While I was at the door, my daughter told the insurance guy that I was an atheist. I came back to the room and told the guy that I usually just tell the jehovah people that I belong to my mom's church and they usually don't stay long. I said I'm really not a member and I don't attend church. He said, "well, I think you should start going back to your mom's church". I thought, up yours buddy! Atotal stranger at that. What an a$$.
Now that is just cruel. :(

I had to cut off all contact with my mother because of it.  Does that count? LOL

I have been out with my atheism for nearly 50 years. Since 7 yrs old. I've been told how I'm going to burn so many times, but my favorite is people me tell how they are praying to jesus to strike me down. I've never felt threatened by it. I have had and still have numerous people praying that I find my way. All in all... I don't have time to be bothered by it.  Life is too short and people wanting me to to behave the way I'm supposed to and believe what I am supposed to has made me a social nihilist. Anyway, I have lived my life the way I want to and will continue. Las fuerzas de quantum estan utilzandome.




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